Who we are

FTA Freight by Water (FbW) is the UK's official body for promoting the use of water freight. It aims to help secure for the UK the economic and environmental benefits that can be realised by making full use of our island nature.

What areas does Freight by Water cover?

Freight by Water’s remit covers short sea, coastal and inland water freight in the UK. It wants to promote an increase in the use of existing water freight services and to facilitate the development of new services for the benefit of users.

What services does Freight by Water provide?

FbW provides information and services to potential users to help them make the shift to water. Activities includes hosting conferences and seminars, providing a website with information helping people utilise water services, acting as a forum for users and operators to come together to address industry issues, and making representations to public authorities on behalf of the industry as necessary.

Who can join FbW?

Freight by Water is independently funded through corporate membership - which is open to all companies with an interest in supporting and promoting water freight in the UK.

Who manages FbW?

Freight by Water is managed by the Freight Transport Association. FTA will continue to improve and develop services for users to focus on achieve real gains in terms of increased water freight use.

Freight by Water is the UK’s official Shortsea Promotion Centre, and through this status is a member of the European Shortsea Network.

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