Aberdeen Harbour Welcomes New Freight Cargo Service

6/30/11 3:46 PM

Aberdeen Harbour will welcome the arrival of a new circular freight cargo service on Thursday (30 June 2011).

Sole handling agents supplying stevedoring, agency and sales development services, Streamline Shipping Group has partnered with Eimskip, as it moves to add Aberdeen to its 'base-base' service operating from Murmansk, North Russia to Velsen, Holland.

Arriving in Aberdeen every Thursday, three vessels carrying temperature controlled and general/containerised cargo on a three-week rotation will serve the route that connects Velsen, Grimsby, Aberdeen, the Norwegian coast and Murmansk.

Aberdeen Harbour Board's chief executive, Colin Parker said: "We look forward to working with Streamline to ensure that Eimskip's vessels are serviced in a safe and efficient manner for many years to come. The new Eimskip service strengthens our links to West Coast Norway and Russia, which is excellent news for the port and the wider North east region."

Chairman and managing director of Streamline Shipping group, Stuart Roberts said: "In many ways it feels that we are going back to our roots in partnering with Eimskip to develop new connections with West Coast Norway and beyond. Such a service was very much at the heart of our operations when Streamline commenced trading at the height of the oil boom in the early 80's. There is some satisfaction that we find ourselves in our 30th anniversary year back at the forefront of sea-freight services across the northern North Sea."

Mr Roberts added: "We are very much looking forward to re-establishing links with freight forwarding agents to help ensure that this new service works well. The route has existed in some form or other for very many years and it is pleasing to be able to look back on past success while helping to shape a strong future for Streamline Shipping Group and our partners."

Streamline operations director, Phil Bremner said: "While discussions with Eimskip have been ongoing for some time, we are aiming now for a dynamic and developing relationship in support of the new cargo service. As agents, we will work not only to ensure that each call into Aberdeen is handled in an efficient and professional manner, but also to drive new business for the service from the strong customer base that exists within the North-East supply chain. There has already been significant interest in this service, not only for traffic moving to / from WC Norway, but also as a route to meet the demands of the burgeoning oil and gas industry in the Murmansk area."

Eimskip CTG AS said: "The 22 hour transit time from Aberdeen to Stavanger will allow us to deliver to offshore bases in the area of Stavanger to Sandnesjøen on Monday mornings and to Hammerfest by Wednesday morning. It also allows us to deliver from the Continent / Aberdeen to eastern Norway via Bergen by road and rail during Monday. We strongly believe that the Aberdeen connection will benefit both existing and new clients looking for an alternative efficient logistic solution within the dry and industrial market, while at the same time strengthening our position as a supplier within the offshore market. We are currently the only direct liner service between Velsen - Grimsby - Aberdeen - Norwegian coast and Murmansk with no requirement for transhipment. We are delighted to have Streamline Shipping Group as our agent in Scotland."

Neil Berry