4/30/12 10:05 AM

Freightliner moves to address 40 foot container market

Freightliner has placed an order with VTG, for a fleet of twin platform Ecofret ‘Shortliner’ wagons to meet the evolving deep sea container market towards 40ft containers. The 40ft deck length, tein set wagons and are designed to maximise the amount of 40ft containers that can be hauled on one service without empty running or 20ft wasted space. Ecofret ‘Shortliner’ wagons are enabling Freightliner to maximise port and inland capacity, reduce CO2 emissions and increase network utilisation by maximising the amount of boxes that can be hauled on one service.

Freightliner through the use of these new wagons and the operator’s unique ability to haul longer, heavier trains, using the state of the art PowerHaul locomotives, are creating Shortliner services. Through Shortliner services, Freightliner is increasing the amount of 40ft containers hauled per train by over 42% in comparison to a standard Class 66 service hauling 24 wagons, whilst still fulfilling the 20ft market demand.

Adam Cunliffe Managing Director, Freightliner Limited commented: “Freightliner Ltd’s investment in the new Ecofret ‘Shortliner’ wagons demonstrates Freightliner’s dedication to meet our customers’ needs in a market which is increasingly dominated by 40ft containers. These new wagons complement our existing 60ft wagon fleet ensuring maximum utilisation of both 40ft and 20ft containers. Our capability to haul longer, heavier trains teamed with our new wagons is ensuring more containers can be moved by rail, reducing CO2 emissions and removing more lorries from theUK’s congested roads.”

Christopher Snelling