8/14/12 4:36 PM

Poland-UK rail freight service to increase

DB Schenker Rail is expanding its service between Poland and the United Kingdom. Starting on October 9, an additional weekly freight train will help to satisfy the demand for transport services on this trade corridor. Since November 2011, DB Schenker Rail has already been running one train service between Wroclaw and London.

Alexander Hedderich, Chairman of DB Schenker Rail: "This is our response to the increasing demand from customers. We have successfully established a new transport corridor within DB Schenker Rail's pan-European network. At the same time, we are also demonstrating the growing possibilities for long-distance European freight transport, with the shift of goods to environmentally friendly rail freight."

The service is used by customers from the automotive industry and the retail and food sectors. Starting in October, trains will be leaving London for Poland on Tuesday and Fridays, with departures in the other direction on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The trains need about 50 hours for the route, which is roughly 2,000 kilometers long.

The new service will help to save around 3,700 truck journeys over 135,000 kilometers on the roads. The train will be the second regular rail freight service using High Speed 1. The route connects the channel tunnel with London and is the only route in the United Kingdom that permits European loading gauges.

DB Schenker Rail plans to expand services on the corridor in accordance with market development.

Christopher Snelling