UK Ports Policy Published

10/10/11 3:04 PM

Freight by Water and the Freight Transport Association (FTA) have welcomed the publication of the Department for Transport’s National Policy Statement (NPS) for Ports, which recognises the essential role that ports play to the UK’s supply chain and supports the view that longer-term demand for greater port capacity is expected.

Christopher Snelling, FTA’s Head of Supply Chain, said: “Ports play a huge role in keeping our island economy moving and it is encouraging to see this reflected in this national planning statement.

“UK plc relies on shipping and its ports, especially for the movement of large volumes of heavy goods, and we agree that this reliance – although rather flat at the moment – will grow as we move away from tough trading conditions.”

The NPS identifies the benefits of greater port capacity and port infrastructure development.

Snelling concluded: “Greater port capacity will become a necessity based on forecasts, and the value of improved levels of competition and increased resilience seem to be recognised in the NPS. This is good news for port developers who are now on more certain ground when making decisions which will increase port facilities around the country. Ultimately, this could help us make greater use of coastal shipping as an alternative to road freight.”

The Ports NPS can be read at

Neil Berry