Manchester Ship Canal

The Manchester Ship Canal and its associated ports are located on the W coast of England. Entrance is made at Eastham in the Mersey estuary. The port includes the whole of the Manchester Ship Canal and the Queen Elizabeth II Dock at Eastham. This entry includes Manchester, Stanlow, Ellesmere Port, Runcorn, Eastham, Partington, Weston and other berths and terminals located along the Manchester Ship Canal. The major share of the port's large volume of oil traffic is handled at the Queen Elizabeth II Dock at Eastham and at Stanlow Oil Docks near Ellesmere Port. Both sets of docks are provided with pipeline connections from the berths to installations in the area. Berths for discharging and loading oil and liquid chemical products are also available at various points along the canal including Ellesmere Port, Runcorn and Partington. A wide range of cargo handling equipment is available in the port for the handling of all types of dry cargo. These facilities include cranes for container and unit load traffic, bulk handling equipment and a specially strengthened Ro-Ro berth for heavy loads up to 600t.